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  Food Network Champ 

Chef Patsyb


The Greatest  Baker

2020 Contest - Semi-Finalist !

Thanks for Your Votes !

New Online Video Baking Series Available Summer  2021

Stay Tuned for Live Web Cooking & Baking Classes !

Chef Patsy B | San Diego, CA

Contact Me!

Chef Patsy Bentivegna

904-923-6680 or


About Me

Chef Patsy Bentivegna

I did it! I really did it!.. Not only was I on the
Food Network's Bakers vs. Fakers, I actually WON! 


My extensive experience in the food industry at some of San Diego

and LA’s top restaurants, hotels and catering companies has created an expertise that is exhibited in my classes along with my passion for cooking.

Teaching cooking classes and sharing my toolbox of cooking

techniques is my way of “giving back !“

My mission is to inspire people to cook for their career advancement or in the home! Nothing gives me more joy than to boost your confidence in your cooking skills and instill a newfound passion for food. Wow!


About Me
Cooking Classes

Chef Patsyb can create a menu just

for you in your favorite cuisine.

I Love Teaching You!

I am currently not offering any in-person cooking classes. I'll be launching my new video series of baking lessons in June 2021! Stay tuned for the LAUNCH DATE of Chef Patsyb Online Baking School !

Private Chef Services

What's The Wow!

A new series is on it's way!

I have been working hard coming up with new and interesting ways to share my passion... Food! I am working on creating "What's The Wow!" where we can discuss all of the latest tools and methodologies for making great food! Now, that's Wow!


Contact Me / TEL:904-923-6680

Tarzana, CA 91335

I'd be excited to hear from you!

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What's The Wow!
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